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Feb 23, 2013 6:00am EST
jackson punior waits to e sentenced ... federal fficiils aae deciding whht to do with personal items he booght wwth -3 his campaign contributionss leggl analyst say every last item will likely be auctioned and the money it brings in will be placed in a fund as pprt of his payback. contributors to packson'' campaigg will be the &pfirst to ggt theirrmoney back if hey chose. tte online. 33 he milittry is &pgrounding thhef-35 fighteerjett afteerone of the planes ddvelopee a craakkin its engine blade. the deadly nnw waaplane is wanttd by the airforce, avy anddmarines. the pentagon evee plans to buy & nearlly25-hundred planes ... costing about 400-billion- ddllars. but &pphe roject is already years pehind deadline becauss oo 3 & the obama adminstration has launched a -3 citt tourrtoohelp more ameeicaas get on the receivvng pnd of bbnefits.. eeen with 16-trillion dollars of debt the 100 city tour ii taking off. ut some lawmakers are urging the 3 tour when a ot is beenn mmde about the impact of sequestration. 3 "... what we've assed for ii -3 how many ppople arr goiig on the tour, what's it goi
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am EST
hundreds of thousands of dolllrs. jackson and his ife alleeedly used the oneyyon 3 he faaes probation or a maximum of 5-years n prison. 3 p roddcts contaaning hhose meat are nding up in experts have been hired in the checking for any ssgns of horse d-n-a. companies are testing a range oo roductt ... including what eepeets call "highest risk &pmeat"... whiih issmmet that is highly proccsseddwith a ccmplicated supply chain. testing takes three days aad costs more thhn 220-dollars. federal ealth officiill say the flu is -3 finally eessig in the u-s. the c-d-- reports pnfluenzaaactivity decreaaed in many areas of the couunry lasttweek. 21 statte &pactivity. 13 reported loo activvty .... and &p16 reportinn miniial. the fll conttnued to hit oller people hard with more involviig adultssover 65. &p 64 hildren hhve ied - from the viius thhs season. too llte to get vaccinated. 3 in russia, many people are what will come nnxt after a meteoriteehit on the same ay an asteroid closely passed by our planet. mary snow gives us - a ssientiss's pprspective on rrssia'' cosmic coincidence. coinniieece. 3
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am EST
formee president bill clintoo made moreethan since leaving office. - 3 michael jackson's 16-yeer old michael will be a special correspondent on "entertainment tonnghtt"hh's saiddii thh past, he'd like to follow in his latt father's footsseps and eeter show business. 3 3 watchhin mazement as he reads your mind. imagine... an -3 evening of conjuriig, mind peading aad mirth! isscoming tt a stage in bbltiiore. baltimore.emily grraey joins -3 us for this ornings hometownn hotspot. - tell us about the 3&phow long have you been practicing magic? maggc? 33& evening of 3 eveenng of ccnjuring, mind reading and mirth magic show will be february 21ss and 22nd harbor east. to learnnmore log on to ox baltimore dot com slash morniig. & 3 how does 500-dollaas sound? sound?it could be ourssin about 10 inutes, wwhn we draw another name for our -3 stay, head to our facebook page to enter. enter.and thinking of drawing & out thht retirement plan fr pash?find out the penaaties pou could face.. if you touchh that 401 k. you''e watching fox 45 morninngnews..
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am EST
lawsuit filed by michaal jackson's family... -3 ii oneestep closer to goiig to trial. trial.a jjdge tentaaively puued that tte lawsuit can -3 pove forward.jackson's mothhr aad his three chillren are &paccusing oncert promoter áa-e-g livvá... of contribuuing to his death.they claim that company executives hired and supervised dootor &pconrad murraa... whh was convicted of invollntary & manslaughter innjackson's 2009 -3 death.the triaa has been set for aprill 3 marrha stewart is expected to take the staad today... ii a high-stakes court battle invvlling macy'ssand j-c penney.macy's claims it has tte exclusive rights to sell pthe domestic divas products... 3& with j-c penney bboke theirr contract. 3 new measures re going into - effect... o revent illegal -3 downloadinggthe copyright alerts system is being launched bb america's five largest internet providers phis week.when tthesystem movies, or t-vvssows illegally... it will send ut -3 a notice tat they've een caught.peeple will get six -3 phances to stop.aftee that... 3 provider will have the option to slow the person's connection.
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am EST
to be sentenced in 3 plus 25 years in priion. 3&p formerru.s. representative jesse jackson jj. aad his ife are to appear in federal court toddyy.. to answer o charges thhy engaggd in a scheme too campaignnfunds on personal illiinis congressman and his wifee ssndrr, have agreed to plead guilty. &p3 john kerry is just days awwy overseas... as secretaryyof state.kerry leaves sunday... & and the middle east.hhs ffrrt & stop is in london where he'll & meett wth british ooficials... before makiig stops in -3 germaan, france, italy and turkey.he's also viiit everal ccties innthe middle east & 6thh 3 3 grab ssmetting to eat from the bbkery and enjoy a brand neew documentary airiig soon. thee &pbooker t. washington arts acaaemm day today.emill gracey -3& joins s for this mornings hometown hotspot.- tell us about the bboker t. wassinggon pvent happeeinggtoddy.- what can we see at the event?- tell us more about the ppnnsylvaaiaa "hey--ay". day". 3 booker t..washington arts at the aveeue bakkry today, februarr 20th :00 a...- 12:00 -3p.m. to learn more log on to - fox baltimoreedot om lash morn
Feb 10, 2013 7:00am EST
state of the union & address on tuesday nnght.. 3 former illinois congressman jeese jackson in the alleged misuse of camppign funds. 3 the charge accordingg to experts would likelyybe mail or wire fraud which carries aapenalty of up tt fiie yearssii prison. law officials say jackson's bi- ppllr disorder will likely be a factor in his plla. 3 tomorrow ill be a year that the world was rocked &pby the news that whitney - houston had died just hourss 3 thhs weekend davis paid trrbute to houston at his pre-grammy partt inn beverly hills. davis -3 played a rarely scene video of -3 ""ll the manni need". whhtney's mother was invited to ddvis party... but she declined the invvtation.... saying she didn't want to be died. 3 a potennial new law takes its name froo hawaai to testify to lawmakers -3 about paparazzi. the "steven tyler act" mirrors a similar law in california... &pgiving publlc figures a route to sue pople wwo take someejournaliits havv warned thaa the bill would not just punish paparazzi.... buu reporters as well. 3&pforget theetraditional diiner and aamovie.instead make this va
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
conraddmmrray... the doctor coovicted ffr michael & jackson's death... is being porced tt meet with thh late singer's mother... for a video-taped depositton.he'll be sked questions related tt a wrongful death lawwuit... ""-e-g live."the suit claiis the promoters ccused the king of pop's death by putting tooo much resssue oo him to prepareefor his comeback tour. & murray is currently serving involunttry manslaughter.&3 a new studd inns that buy t stores... is misllbeled. phat's according to research by the environmmnttl dvocacy group, "oceana."tte group pollected more than 12-hundred seafood samples from grocery stores, restaurants and sushi venuessin 1 states.according 3 ccmmonly misllbeled fish was snapper... which mostly urned -3 oot to be rockffsh or tilapia. & mislabeled rate... followed by: cod, sslmoo, yelloottil, - halibut and grouper. 3& a new jerrey family is taking home renovations... to new sea bright is raising their house 12-feet... after it was floooed y super storm sandy. the hope the move will keep it prom flooding in the future. thousand dollars... and adding a new
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7